Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme CakeI didn’t have dessert in my lunchbox very often, but I remember having Zingers with Snoopy on the package. I don’t remember if I preferred the vanilla or the chocolate Zingers, and I know both had white filling.

Weight Watchers has its own Zingers in Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake. Instead of white filling, it’s chocolate. Even the frosting has the recognizable lines like those found on the Zingers. Of course, the top layer on the Weight Watchers is slightly thinner. It’s also very thick that it doesn’t dissolve in your mouth. Now, I haven’t had Zingers or anything like it in decades.

The creme cake leaves an oily residue on your fingers and lips. Surprising. The size is about the same or slightly smaller than a Zinger. But the taste is not quite there. The frosting tastes like a notch above canned frosting except stiffer, which I hate. The filling tastes like a watered down chocolate sauce.

I didn’t look for these to taste like the original Zingers. I don’t even remember what they tasted like, but I know they weren’t my favorite thing. Maybe it was because they felt like a cheap version of a good cake. That’s what the chocolate creme cake is. So maybe it’s exactly like those Zingers except with chocolate creme instead of white. Calling it creme feels misleading.

The most exciting thing about the cake is 4g of fiber. Nice.

Nutrition facts for one cake

80 calories
3.5g fat
1.5g sat fat
20mg cholesterol
95mg sodium
16g carbs
4g fiber
9g sugars
1g protein