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Amy’s Black Bean Chili

I love beans. And several health resources highly recommended Amy’s Organic Black Bean Chili (Medium). Before eating the chili, I expected the taste of black beans drenched in a medium-spiced tomato-flavored sauce. Call it the darker black bean and spicier version of baked beans with less liquid. And that’s what I got. I into a […]

Skinny Crisps

One dull day, I wasted away time on Twitter scanning tweets. Hark! “Food” caught my eye. But that was only part of the story. The other part was “zie.” “What’s this Foodzie site?” I visited Foodzie and found heaven, or at least one layer of it. I must’ve been off my meds because I subscribed […]

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake

I keep a running list called “store items.” This list contains products I’ve read about that I want to try. Some are hard to find even in the whole food and foodie type stores. Anyway, somewhere I read an article listing the best products of the healthier frozen food category. Of course, it caught my […]

Amy’s Black Bean Enchilada

I love Tex Mex food and looked in the grocery store’s freezer section for one to try. Lo and behold, I find Amy’s Black Bean & Vegetable Enchilada AND “light in sodium.” Amy’s offers a line up of low sodium products ranging from chili and soup to pizza and meals in bowls. I haven’t found […]

Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Medallions

Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Medallions is a high-fiber vegan dish with baked eggplant that’s lightly breaded in Italian seasonings. It has sauce made from organic tomatoes, imported Italian olive oil, a blend of cannellini and kidney beans and Italian herbs and spices. This dish surpassed Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Rolletini in taste. The Medallions have one advantage: […]


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