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Smart Ones Savory Steak & Ranch Grilled Flatbread

Cars. They’d never run without all the parts working together. If one thing messes up, it may or may not affect the car’s performance. If the air conditioner stops working, the car still runs and takes you from one place to another. You’ll just be hot unless it’s the middle of winter. Run out of […]

Smart Ones Smart Mini Wraps

Four mini wraps come in each box of the Smart Ones Smart Mini Wraps. Two wraps make one serving. So the whole box has 440 calories for both servings, or 220 calories for one serving. The microwave directions worked perfectly for one serving. To do more than one serving either means cooking each serving separate […]

Smart Ones Southwestern Style Chicken Fiesta Flatbread

Don’t you hate it when you get a package only to open it to find the box inside is more than half the size of the brown box? How wasteful is that when boxes of every shape and size are available? One company does an amazing job of shipping its products filled safely to the […]


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