Savory Steak & Ranch Grilled FlatbreadCars. They’d never run without all the parts working together. If one thing messes up, it may or may not affect the car’s performance. If the air conditioner stops working, the car still runs and takes you from one place to another. You’ll just be hot unless it’s the middle of winter. Run out of gas and you’ll get nowhere.

You’d never consider the Smart Ones Savory Steak and Ranch Grilled Flatbread a car or a team. Yes, it’s a food item, not something with wheels. But unlike a car, all of its parts don’t mesh into one lean sandwich machine. Yet, every part of the grilled flatbread works nicely by itself. The ingredients don’t play like a team. They prefer to play singles tennis.

A bite of the flatbread reveals sweetness, meatiness and creaminess. Even the cheesy and ranch sauce drips onto the plate. That sounds like a delicious sandwich. Unfortunately, the flavors don’t mesh. Uh oh. Hit a piece of hard meat that I couldn’t chew.

The sweet onions. The grilled bell peppers. The soft, grilled, bready and toast flatbread. The seasoned beef steak. All of these flavors hit triples and homers … alone. I liked the steak. Often, frozen meal steaks taste bland and dry. This one didn’t. The steak is a cross between a thinly sliced Philly steak and a sirloin steak. It’s not thick and it’s not thin.

Nutrition facts: 300 calories, 8g total fat, 2g sat fat, 20mg cholesterol, 570mg sodium, 41g carbs, 4g fiber, 6g sugar and 18g protein. 8 PointsPlus.