You never know what you’re gonna get with tuna. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s yucky. The Nutrisystem Tuna Salad comes with Melba toast. As you can see from the photo, the toast is broken. No biggie as it tastes the same no matter what 🙂

The tuna had a wet consistency meaning it wasn’t runny like thin spaghetti sauce and it wasn’t dry like tuna out of a can. It wasn’t as fluffy as you see tuna salads at restaurants — more runny than that. I can’t think of a food item that compares. The taste had a mix of mayo, eggs, hint of relish, dash of Dijon mustard, touch of lemon juice, and red pepper.

Maybe not being a fan of mustard or relish made the tuna less appetizing for me. It’s not something I plan to order again. The crunchy Melba toast wasn’t enough help.