This, of course, was one of my favorite items in the past. Except now the crust is thinner (if I remember right… maybe not). If it is thinner, again it’s no surprise as the diet keeps the carb count low. Took out the cracker, I mean the small crust that’s the size of a DVD and splooshed on the tomato sauce using a knife to spread the sauce evenly on the crust. Then sprinkle on the shredded mozzarella cheese.

It takes only five minutes to cook in an oven on 450 degrees. I used the toaster oven as it’s crazy to turn on a large oven for the little disc. The crust was browned on some of the edges as I wasn’t watching closely. Tasty! I like the crunch and the cheese is good. Not like the fat free cr@# cheese I ate for a little while. The crust, sauce, and cheese together make a great dish.