MorningStar Farms Hickory BBQ RibletsGrowing up in Texas meant having access to lots of great BBQ. I didn’t know how good I had it until I tasted BBQ in Washington, DC, and other places not known for BBQ. You couldn’t find bad BBQ in Texas, not even in the less popular places. Texas DNA prevents cooks from ever making less than average BBQ 🙂

I don’t shy away from the occasional BBQ meal. Still, it didn’t keep me from trying MorningStar Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets. Dare a Texan try non-Texas BBQ, much less on frozen dinner form? Actually, I didn’t buy the riblet. A family member gave it to me to try. I’m always game to try new things … well, most of the time.

The box contains two riblets individually wrapped in plastic filled with frozen sauce. The instructions provide two ways to cook the riblet: oven and microwave. I opt for the toaster oven, which works as well as the main oven except it uses less energy. It takes some work to cut through the plastic so I could pull out the entire riblet and the sauce. It’s smaller than a typical Hot Pocket. Maybe about 1 1/2 card decks with the same thickness. I put it on aluminum foil and baked it for the recommended 30 minutes.

The texture of the meat is like a steak with a little bit of a hamburger. The texture has a slight ground meat texture and the same firmness. The sweet and smoky hickory sauce has a full, rich flavor that works with the veggie riblet. The texture and flavor are a pleasant surprise. I ate it plain, but you can put it in a hamburger bun or cut it up to put it on a potato or something. One riblet won’t feel filling. Add a side dish of veggies and it’ll round out the meal.

The nutrition isn’t bad. A nice bit of protein and fiber. Sugar is high at 24g, which undoubtedly comes from the sauce. It’s a good way to satisfy a craving for BBQ-something while exercising portion control.

Nutrition facts per riblet. 210 calories, 3.5g fat, 35g carbs, 6g fiber, 24g sugrs, 16g protein.