Kashi Red Curry Chicken{“Jai Ho” plays in background}

Yes, I listen to Indian music. Something about its beats and different sounds not typical of rock relaxes me.

I’m not an Indian food expert. Part of it is because of its spiciness and my sensitive tummy due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) among other things. But I’ve had great Indian food in the past especially this wonderful pumpkin puree like dish in a Washington, DC restaurant. Wish I could remember the name of the dish and the neighborhood restaurant.

Curry isn’t a spice I use often because of — well, you know — its spiciness. However, several reliable resources recommended Kashi Red Curry Chicken. I loved Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake and Mediterranean Pizza, so I’m up for a trip to Indian for my taste buds.

The microwave directions say to cook it for 2.5 minutes, stir and cook it for two more minutes. In those five minutes, the smell doesn’t enamor me. But I don’t let that stop me from trying the dish even though my mind starts to wander thinking about what to make for dinner after I taste this one.

The first couple of bites. No instant love. No instant hate. Patience. Eat the chicken, sweet potatoes, Kashi 7 Whole Grains and sesame pilaf, bamboo shoots, kale, bok choy and red peppers. Taste them. Taste them all. Together, separate, whatever lands on my fork. Halfway through the meal, I start to like the it and the right amount of spiciness. I’d classify it as somewhere between mild and medium salsa. Maybe closer to mild. Surprising considering Indian food is known for its spiciness.

I love the grains. Kashi excels in the grains and does it again. They’re a mishmash of soft, tender and chewy grains. They make the dish. Everything tastes better with grains on them. The only thing I adore without a single grain on it is the sweet potatoes. The not-too-soft sweet potatoes taste like oven-baked potatoes.

It fills me up. Something TV dinners rarely do. Kashi succeeds again in the filling business. I don’t give the Red Curry Chicken more than 3.5 stars because it’s not a delicious meal that you instantly want to go buy more. In fact, I accidentally bought two of these. I’ll be in no hurry to eat it again, but I will.

Nutrition facts: 300 calories, 9g total fat, 3.5g sat fat, 25mg cholesterol, 470mg sodium, 490mg potassum, 40g carbs, 5g fiber, 10g sugars and 18g protein.