EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Ready-to-DrinkI lived on this stuff while I was on the low carb diet program. The strawberry flavor is mild and creamy. Every morning, EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Ready-to-Drink Shakes kicked off my day with 17g of protein in just 110 calories. The net carb depends on the flavor. Strawberry Cream and French Vanilla have 1g net carb. Chocolate Fudge and Cafe Caramel have 2g. Rich Dark Chocolate has 3g.

I tried the Rich Dark Chocolate and hated it. I never tried Cafe Caramel because I simply don’t like caramel-flavored drinks. The strawberry and chocolate fudge were my go to drinks — mostly the strawberry because it has only 1g carb to chocolate’s 2g.

I put the drink in the freezer about an hour before drinking and it turns into a nice slushy consistency. I contacted EAS because the instructions say not to freeze it. I wondered if freezing the drink changed the structure / formula of the drink. The company replied it was a concern of the drink exploding especially if it wasn’t sealed tight. When shaking some of the drinks, I noticed some didn’t have the shake vibrations indicating it was a full load. I avoided freezing these.

EAS and Atkins Read-to-Drink Shakes are neck and neck in flavor. Some had a richer flavor than others. It all depends on the flavor and brand. However, EAS won because it had 40-50 fewer calories than Atkins. I gave the entire line 3.5 rating rather than a 4+ because the flavors could be stronger. It was a good flavor, but not a GREAT flavor.

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