chia Hello KittyThe name Drink Chia! gives me a flashback moment watching the cheesy chia pet commercials in my mind. For only $9.99 you get not one but TWO chia pets. Look how quickly your plain Jane planter turns into a cute fluffy chia puppy.

Joking aside, chia seeds are actually packed with great nutrition including protein, good fats (it has more Omega-3 than salmon — good news for those who aren’t fans of fish — I’m looking at you, Mom) and dietary fiber.  They also have magnesium, calcium, iron, antioxidants, potassium, zinc, manganese, and selenium.

OK, you’re sold on the benefits of chia. Now what? I’ve seen chia seeds showing up at many grocery stores, not just the specialty ones. If you don’t want to mess with making something of the seeds, you have an easier option in Drink Chia! I’m not yelling — that’s the brand name. It’s probably shouting because the drink is supposed to give you lots of energy with Vitamin B6 and B12.

Drink Chia!Drink Chia! comes in four flavors. All have one thing in common. Like anyone needs to guess … chia seeds. It’s like having soft, sesame seed-sized seeds in a drink. Not weird at all. No different than bubble tea with the tapioca balls. But then I haven’t tried that, so I have no clue how the bubbles feel or taste.

“B Meyer” Lemon. (Replaced with Blueberry Lemon after I bought it.) I was pleasantly surprised as this tastes more sweet than sour. It doesn’t evoke thoughts of lemonade as it’s not as sweet or sharp. More like a gentle sweetness with lemon flavor.

Honeysuckle Pear. This has a gentle flavor that isn’t strong in pear or honeysuckle. Kind of a lightened and watery honey.

Mango Tangerine. Mango is a hit or miss with me. I just tried a mango cream bar and didn’t like it. Some mango remind me of peaches and I abhor peaches. (The smell, the fruit, the flavor. Everything.) However, sometimes mango tastes more like orange melon, then I like it. In this one, it’s not as orangey as I had hoped. It’s somewhere between melon and orange with a dash of peach. They flavor wasn’t bad, but not something I love. 3/5 stars.

Strawberry Citrus. I love strawberries and some strawberry-flavored food. I’ve tried strawberry-flavored drinks and they were awful. Not this one. It was good. A nice marriage.

While I had fun drinking and chewing Drink Chia!, I can’t say that I felt more energetic after. At least, I got some good nutrition in my system. It’s also quite pricey, so it would have to be the occasional treat especially since no store in my state carries it.