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Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake

I didn’t have dessert in my lunchbox very often, but I remember having Zingers with Snoopy on the package. I don’t remember if I preferred the vanilla or the chocolate Zingers, and I know both had white filling. Weight Watchers has its own Zingers in Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake. Instead of white filling, it’s […]

Amy’s Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada

I can’t find my favorite enchiladas from CedarLane anymore 🙁 So when I came across Amy’s Black Bean and Vegetable Enchilada, I had high hopes that I had found a replacement. Amy uses organic tortillas filled with organic vegetables, which includes zucchini, yellow corn and onions. Accompanying the veggie medley are black beans, tofu, olives, […]

Health Warrior Chia Bar

I read about Health Warrior Chia Bars in a newsletter and noted it so I could watch for it when I go shopping at the specialty store. Who can pass it up when the website says, “We started eating Chia every day, on everything. Suddenly we were working out harder, lifting heavier, feeling stronger, and […]

Amy’s Light and Lean Spaghetti Italiano

The meatballs in Amy’s Light and Lean Spaghetti Italiano disappoint. Bland. I typically gobble down meatless meat, but these weren’t worth finishing. I let another family member who can eat just about anything finish them off. The spaghetti and sauce tasted fine. Just your basic noodles swimming in tomatoey liquid. It’s hard to noodles and […]

BAI5 Drink

I’ve been looking for Bai for a long time. While I could order it online, it was too expensive and risky because you can’t just order one of each flavor. First up is Ipanema Pomegranate, an antioxidant infusion. It lives up to the company’s description in that it’s tingly tart then smoothly sweet. The tartness […]


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