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Amy’s Organic Lentil Vegatable Soup Light in Sodium

I know I tried an Amy’s lentil soup, but I don’t remember which one. It isn’t Amy’s Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup (light in sodium) because I don’t love this one and I like the one I’ve had. Having the lower sodium lets you really taste the lentils, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and green beans. It […]

Dr. McDougall’s Split Pea Soup with Barley and Amy’s Organic Split Pea

I haven’t had Dr. McDougall’s soup or oatmeal in years. It used to be my go to breakfast and lunch when I worked for one company. They taste great. I think I stopped eating them because I had to go to a store not convenient to me to find them plus they were more expensive […]

Amy’s Black Bean Chili

I love beans. And several health resources highly recommended Amy’s Organic Black Bean Chili (Medium). Before eating the chili, I expected the taste of black beans drenched in a medium-spiced tomato-flavored sauce. Call it the darker black bean and spicier version of baked beans with less liquid. And that’s what I got. I into a […]

Amy’s Mushroom and Olive Pizza

I love pizza. Since losing 40 pounds, I have yet to order pizza from out for my meal. I’ve had a slice here and there when the kids have pizza — but  never make it a meal as calories, sodium and all those bad numbers multiply with every slice. And it’s HARD to have just […]

Amy’s Black Bean Enchilada

I love Tex Mex food and looked in the grocery store’s freezer section for one to try. Lo and behold, I find Amy’s Black Bean & Vegetable Enchilada AND “light in sodium.” Amy’s offers a line up of low sodium products ranging from chili and soup to pizza and meals in bowls. I haven’t found […]


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