Atkins Advantage Marshmallow Mudslide BarAtkins Advantage Marshmallow Mudslide Bar falls in the middle of the crowd in terms of flavor for an Atkins Advantage bar. This chocolate crisp bar contains marshmallow, chocolate chip chunks and pecans, but I’m not getting these flavors. Despite the chocolaty drizzle and coating on top and more chocolate on the bottom, the bar disappoints.

You’d think a 210 calorie bar with 15g protein, 1g sugar, 3g net carbs could pack more punch. Sure, I see marshmallow specks here and there. You wouldn’t know they were there unless you checked every bite. Pecans appear on top and sprinkled inside the bar. Again, no nutty flavors make it through. The bar feels like one big unexciting chocolate bar with no other flavors. I’d rather not waste my time with the bar when I have others I like better.

Obviously, the bar gives me little to write about as I can’t find any other way to describe the bar because nothing is happening.

That just leaves two Atkins Advantage Bars I have not tried. The Dark Chocolate Decadence Bar — I have yet to track it down and I won’t order online as it’s too warm for the mail. The other bar is the Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Crunch Bar. I may have seen it, but I held off on trying it because it has the lowest protein in an Advantage Bar with just 5g protein. I wish I could find a single serving of this instead of buying a whole box.

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