Amy's Black Bean EnchiladaI love Tex Mex food and looked in the grocery store’s freezer section for one to try. Lo and behold, I find Amy’s Black Bean & Vegetable Enchilada AND “light in sodium.” Amy’s offers a line up of low sodium products ranging from chili and soup to pizza and meals in bowls. I haven’t found any other light in sodium products (been looking for the chili), but delighted to have Tex Mex as the first victim.

I am not a big salt user. In other words, you won’t see me adding salt to meals unless there is no salt and it needs a little help. Often, I use lite salt rather than the original. I needed to add a little bit of the lite salt as the flavors barely shined without it.

The soft corn tortillas don’t crack under pressure because they’re not dry — quite an accomplishment. The tomato sauce’s spiciness appears just above the mild level — a good level to reach. It tastes less like tomatoes and more like taco sauce. At first, it was bland due to the low sodium. Adding a sprinkling of fresh lite salt lifts its flavor.

Upon first bite of the enchilada, the corn and black beans come right out to play followed by tofu. These three items stand out, but they don’t blend together. It’s like someone took a tortilla, threw in the corn, veggies, tofu and added sauce on top. It’s a healthy meal that satisfies. It may not be the best or even the fourth best Tex Mex meal, but it works.

Even though the nutrition facts on the box is for one enchilada and the box comes with two — I am providing nutrition facts for the entire meal. Nutrition facts: 320 calories, 12g fat, 1g sat fat, 380mg sodium, 44g carbs, 6g fiber, 4g sugar and 10g protein.

The dish is vegan, tree nut free, gluten free and dairy free.



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