is one by a gal who has watched what she eats for most of her life. Unfortunately, her busy lifestyle doesn’t allow her to cook food from scratch, so she has to rely on many types of products even though they tend to be high in sodium.

I apologize if the site looks like spam and anonymous, but I’ll tell you why. First, I prefer to remain anonymous as I want this to focus on the products and not me. My known identity focuses on something entirely different and I don’t want the two missions to collide or interfere with each other.

Plus, I keep this site to help me stop buying things I have tried before and didn’t like. Because I’m so busy, I don’t have the time to invest in making this a more content-rich site. The reviews are short on purpose — to help me remember the product and my thoughts. But if you benefit, then I’m delighted.

You’re welcome to email me.